A community-led plan for Sandringham

An invitation to get involved
We would like to bring those of you interested together to an initial information session to provide:

An overview of community-led planning (CLP) and why the council and local board are supporting this approach.

An overview of what the council is offering and how we can support the Sandringham community to develop a plan.

An opportunity to discuss and identify community interest in producing a community-led plan for Sandringham.
An opportunity to ask questions and agree the next steps.

The information session will be held please note that children are welcome.  Given the time, dinner will be provided so please indicate whether you have any dietary requirements. 

At this first meeting we can discuss whether this is a suitable time for the group to meet.  Please RSVP by 01 October and also, feel free to forward this invite to others.  Alternatively, you can join the mailing list and we will keep you updated on the plan’s progress and opportunities to contribute. 

Wednesday 08 October 2014
Sandringham Community Centre

Contact Helga [email protected]