A Taste of Kapa Haka

‘A Taste of Kapa Haka’ gives you a chance to discover the answers to these questions and many more.
Members of local Kapa Haka group, Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Tāiki, will guide you through a short, two hour class spread over a week.

You’ll get a taste of Māori hand and stick games, Waiata Ringaringa (action song), Poi and Poi making, Haka and Māori weaponary skills. Through participation in the Māori performing arts ‘Ngā Uri a Te Wai-o-Taiki’ will begin your journey into understanding the Māori world.

No experience required, only a willingness to give it a go. Please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your ability to move.

AGES 7 +

For More information CLICK:www.teoro.org.nz