Live singing from a live choir, with Live percussion of pake and fala (mat), AFAKASI is a mash of physical theatre, spoken word, siva Samoa, and contemporary movement all intricately woven together to display the churning internal struggle of Leilani Etuale.

You are taken on a journey with Leilani as she battles to find equilibrium of her dual identities.

Based on the life story of Antonia Stehlin, AFAKASI is her simplistic yet emotionally driven struggle, shown through the eyes of Leilani Etuale as she tries to amalgamate and come to peace with her two conflicting halves.

Written by Antonia Stehlin and performed by herself and Katie Burson; accompanied by singers and musicians from the HENDERSON CCSNZ YOUTH.

October 27 – October 31
Oct 27 at 7:00pm to Oct 31 at 7:00pm

Basement Theatre
Lower Greys Ave
New Zealand