Auckland Pasifika Teach NZ Talanoa – 21st Century Teaching

Auckland Pasifika Teach NZ Talanoa – 21st Century Teaching

Taloha ni, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa atu, Ni sa bula, Kia ora, Talofa lava, Greetings

You and your family have been nominated to attend our Auckland Fono to celebrate our teachers and promote teaching as a career that will lead our Pasifika children in the 21st century. During the fono we will acknowledge teachers from your local schools and Early Childhood Centre. You’ll hear exciting stories from our Pasifika Champions for Teaching.
This Fono is part of a series of Talanoa about how 21st century teaching can support our achievements and success. A key part of the programme is having local and national Pasifika role models speaking at our Fono across the country as Champions for Teaching.

Here are our Fono for South and West Auckland, please select a venue near you.

South Auckland
Date: Wednesday June 18th 2014
Venue: Malaeola Community Centre
16 Waokauri Place
Time: 6.00pm

West Auckland
Date: Thursday June 19th 2014
Venue: PIC Ranui Church
135 Armada Drive
Time: 6.00pm

For catering purposes please RSVP to [email protected]
Soifua ma ia manuia
Debra Tuifao
Group Manager
Pasefika Education

Fonoti Edward Seti Talamaivao
Northern Regional Manager

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