Book launch: Tongan minister leads inspiring

community facing ministry in Avondale and Manurewa Contact Rev. Vaitu’ulala Ngahe [email protected] · Tongan Methodist minister ‘Alifeleti Vaitu’ulala Ngahe has been in full-time, ordained ministry for almost 10 years.

This book reflects on those years in Avondale Union and Manurewa Methodist parishes.·

Two key projects demonstrate the power of church and community working together. The run-down Rosebank Penninsula Church building has been restored and transformed into a busy community centre.

The outdoor mural at Manurewa Methodist church was painted by people of all ages from within the church and the wider local community. It remains a vibrant symbol of that church’s role as the Corner of Hope. 

Rev Ngahe’s enthusiastic and yet deeply thoughtful, methodical approach will provide inspiration for all who are engaged in multicultural, community-facing Christian ministry.·

Saturday 25 October 2014
Methodist Church
Cnr Alfriston Road & Great South Road Manurewa

Saturday 8 November 2014
Rosebank Peninsula Church,
Cnr of Rosebank Road & Orchard Street
Launch Special — $15