Changes /Neil Ieremia (New Zealand) and Kuik Swee Boon (Singapore)

Photographs: Neil Ieremia and Bernie Ng

World Premiere
Changes 變

An Asia Pacific first / Death, diversity and dance / Creativity that spans the seas / Co-produced by Auckland Arts Festival and Black Grace
Another letter from Earth
Choreographed by Neil Ieremia

Death – the bringer of change, liberator from pain and suffering, a keeper of its own time. Distant and close it touches everyone, brutal and peaceful, quick and slow.

Is it a doorway to rest, nirvana, everlasting life or is it simply the end?

How do we wait for it, how do we accept it when it comes?

Physical, spiritual, the death of curiosity is the death of mind. A sense of belonging is intrinsic to the human spirit, without this, are we culturally dead?

I have watched death reunite those relationships broken by distance and time, bring out the best and the worst in people. Can death truly heal the bruised spirit and the broken heart? Will it bring rest and forgetfulness when it finally comes?

How should I wait?

I will try to wait well.

變化與恆常 Change and Constancy
Choreographed by Kuik Swee Boon in collaboration with Dancers

Change and Constancy explores the parallels between Swee Boon’s Singaporean society and the different cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities of Black Grace’s dancers. Swee Boon’s fluid, evocative movements, often underscored by melancholy, are melded with the raw energy, natural athleticism and spirit of the Black Grace dancers and Zhuo Zihao and Wu Mi from T.H.E., to deepen an enquiry into society’s tolerance of difference and whether we are mature enough to celebrate diversity.

Kuik Swee Boon is the first international choreographer invited by Neil Ieremia to work with Black Grace – a fitting way to celebrate this groundbreaking dance
company’s 20th anniversary.

These new works are part of the Asia Pacific Dance Project, an Auckland Arts Festival initiative bringing choreographers from the Asia Pacific Region together to create and present work. 

16-19 March 2016
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