Featuring works by Anonymouz (Matthew Faiumu Salapu), Mario Faumui, Vea Mafile’o, Emily Mafile’o, Lanita Ririnui Ryan, Grace Taylor and Wave 9

‘Digital Talanoa’ presents the work of six of today’s most coco-chic storytellers; Anonymouz (Matthew Faiumu Salapu) Mario Faumui, Vea Mafile’o, Emily Mafile’o, Lanita Ririnui Ryan and Wave 9. Exploring Pacifika concepts of identity, inspiration, life and society the exhibition invites viewers to like, comment and share – in person!

‘Digital Talanoa’ is a meeting / a hui between urban Pasifika people united by indigenous expression, a journey through an ever-evolving digital landscape. The exhibition offers a platform for six kiwi-islander artists coming from many perspectives to talk together in a new way. They tell the stories of Pasifika people through the mediums of video and audio translating the traditional Pasifika forms of oral language and history and redefining them

31 July – 5 September 2015
Opening: 6pm, Thursday 30 July 2015
Fresh Gallery Ōtara
5/46 Fairmall
Ōtara Town Centre

Public Program:
12 – 1 pm, Saturday 15 August
Join us for an afternoon discussion with the Digital Talanoa artists