Two colourful street characters go head to head in a city park.  What begins as a hilarious duet turns into a charming tale when a gloomy businessman interrupts their daily routine.  Will his dark clouds engulf them or can they turn his frown upside down?  This is top notch physical theatre and dance from the award-winning White Face Crew. 
Choreographed by Justin Haiu and directed by Jarod Rawiri, Double Derelicts showcases the unique and spontaneous physical comedy the White Face Crew is famous for.
Fun for all ages, and guaranteed to amuse and impress! 

“the skilled cast seamlessly fuse clown and movement with a touch of poignant melodrama” Theatreview
“…infuses every movement and expression with truth, wonder and magic. It is simply astounding to behold.”Theatreview

White Face Crew, drawing from the diverse performance backgrounds of core crew members:
Justin Haiu (Red Leap Theatre, NZ Dance Company) ,
Tama Jarman (Red Leap Theatre)
and Jarod Rawiri (Tawata Productions, Red Leap Theatre, Silo)

Thursday 09 October 2014
01:30pm – 02:30pm
Thursday 09 October 2014
06:30pm – 07:30pm

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