E Ono Tama’i Pato.

“For years we have heard the stories of the victims of Abuse. We have listened to them, mourned with them, prayed for them and held them in our arms. For years we have heard the excuses of the Abuser. We have listened to them, thrown them out of our lives – taken them back into our lives, mourned with them and prayed for them. For years, the women who have struggled to clean up the mess left behind have had no voice.
Tonight, I invite you to listen to them.
Tonight, they have a voice.”

This is a fundraising event for the Samoa Victim Support Group, who work tirelessly to provide support and resources for victims of abuse as well the disabled community back home in Samoa. There is a PG12 rating on this reading.  Although the title is in Samoan, 95% of the script is in the English language, so there will be no problem following it.

Saturday 31 October 2015
Riverlea Theatre
83 Riverlea RD
New Zealand

Contact Name: Maureen Fepuleai Harvey
Phone: (09) 2816507
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 021 082 61400