Photograph: John McDermott Photography

Part of the Auckland Arts Festival Events 02-20 March 2016

Marama is a powerful call from women of the Pacific – the voices of a vanishing world. The devastating effects of deforestation on their homelands and culture are brought startlingly to life through waiata, chants, dances and rituals gracefully and magically performed. As their story unfolds and as the women emerge from and disappear into their ever-changing environment, we are reminded of the ancient connection between a woman’s body and the earth and the strength and fragility of the ground upon which we all dwell.

Directed by the much-admired Nina Nawalowalo, with compositions based on field recordings and new works by renowned New Zealand composer Gareth Farr, indescribably beautiful design by Fabiana Piccioli (lighting designer for iTMOi) and Nicole Cosgrove, Marama will leave you breathless.

Expose yourself to a world seldom seen at this touching, visceral show.

Co-produced by Auckland Arts Festival and The Conch

Developed with the assistance of the British Council and Ngāti Te Tarawa

Warning: Contains strobe lighting

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