“Mastering your Money”

Mastering your Money” 4 week course

Key facilitator is Martha Pritchard who works with CAPS (Christians Against Poverty). She will be combining CAPS material with the programme ‘Mastering Your Money’ (Careforce Lifekeys).

Topics include Starting at the Beginning, First Things First, Living Beyond Anxiety, Building a Margin Into your Life and Maximising Your Potential at every Life Stage. The $25 we are charging for the 4 week programme is just to cover the cost of the manual.

As it is hard to gauge numbers we are asking people to place at least a $10 deposit at the church office this week just in case we run short of manuals and have to quickly order some more. Otherwise we will prioritise guests on the first Tuesday the 17th.  This course will help many people in this and surrounding communities

· Starts 7.30pm Tuesday 17 June and ends Tues 8 July

· @ Grace International auditorium, Glen Innes

· Cost: $25 (covers cost of manual from Australia)

Contact Matt [email protected]