MATAQALI DRIFT VOU Dance Company (Fiji)

VOU Dance Company are at the forefront of contemporary dance in the Pacific.  Having performed all over they world they now come to Auckland to debut their latest work Mataqali Drift.  No white sand beaches and island madens, this is the real Fiji – Raw, Urban and Real. 

This is the real Fiji.  Now. 
We all drifted into this urban centre. 
Even me, even you
Whether it was in this generation or the last or one hundred before it. 
We all drifted here. 
Even me, even you. 
Drawn to the lights, the noise, the chaos. 
Suva has its own unique culture;
Churches at bus stands, café convos and market wheelbarrows
Expanding settlements squat next to mushrooming high rise apartments
From food halls in shopping malls
To kisses on the sea wall
This is the Suva we run to from the rural
Then once here yearn to move overseas
We are in a constant unsettled state of transit
State of drift,
Urban drift,
Global drift
Now is the time to return
To water our roots
Mataqali Drift

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8 October – MATAQALI DRIFT – VOU Dance Company Fiji at 6.30pm and FRESH CUTS at 8.30pm
For more information: TempoDanceFestival