MIT-Business Industry Project Internship Opportunity for Auckland Businesses

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) is giving businesses a unique opportunity to have their Bachelor of Applied Management (BAM) final year students on a student placement/internship/work experience for a semester or less (3 – 4 months). 

This is not a paid role and students can work on any project to assist the businesses in the following areas: Accounting; Sales and Marketing; Human Resources; Event Management; Communications; Operations and Product Management.

As part of their final Year, the BAM students and the Graduate Diploma students need to do an industry based project.  This can be in the form of Internship and/or Work Experience.  It doesn’t have to be paid.

We are looking for internship/work experience opportunities for our final year graduate students and so wondering if you may be interested to discuss this with us and you are an Auckland based business.  Attached is some information on our student Industry projects.

Contact Anita [email protected]