Moana and the Taniwha

WildRumpus – Children’s Theatre Company Presents

This comedy-adventure will have the whole family captivated. Set in a magical world where Maori myths and legends mix with a touch of fairytale, Moana journeys to find her missing grandfather with a new found friend – a young Taniwha named Tere.

Together they navigate the “Forest of the Gods” on an action-packed adventure as they encounter many fantastical characters, and some lesser known stories from our very own Aotearoa.

Moana Johnson
Hanna Olsen
Alice Pearce
Chris Tuifua

January 23 2016
January 24 2016
January 30 2016
January 31 2016

Waitangi Weekend
6 February 2016
7 February 2016
8 February 2016

TE POU Tokomanawa Theatre
2.00pm – 3.00pm
44a Portage Road
New Lynn
New Zealand

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