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an event targeting High School students.

Model G8 Summit Event is on the 23-24th of August 2014

Gives students the opportunity to be an ‘Executive’ member of one of the G8 countries – such as the President of the United States or the Foreign Minister of China!
They will get to debate in a range of interesting committee sessions such as health, global security, defense and more.
There will be a social dinner on the Saturday night as well as workshops and many more fun things.
If any students would like to participate, but are worried about the price, then The Auckland Region has set up an Equity Fund (the link is on the page where student register) that can help students out with covering the costs. We never want a student to miss out because of financial hardship.

Students can register for the event here:
Registrations close on the 2nd August 2014 – students must get in quick to confirm their place as it is filling up fast.

Students do not need any prior UN Youth experience. This is open to everyone who has an interest in the world around them. (It also looks fantastic on CVs!)