Moko – Making your Mark

Learn about the treasured tradition of tā moko (Māori tattooing) – through demonstrations, discussions, and personal stories. Led by artist Shane Te Ruki.

The day features four kuia (women elders) and two tā moko artists of the Ngāti Maniapoto tribe. The kuia have been leading the revival of tā moko among Maniapoto-Tainui women. They tell their own stories and talk with Shane Te Ruki, who is both an artist and an expert in tikanga Māori (Māori custom). They will describe the experience of receiving their moko and explore the significance of this highly valued tradition.

10am: Karakia (prayer) to open
10am–3.30pm: Tā moko artists Mitchell Hughes and Daniel Ormsby work on clients throughout the day and talk about the process.

11am–12 noon: Think before You Ink – Shane Te Ruki discusses and answers questions about what you need to consider before receiving tā moko.

12.30–1.30pm: Four kuia (Rupirihira Te Ruki, Waitiahoaho Te Ruki, Herana Puhia Te Ruki, and Pera Rangitaawa) from the Tainui iwi (tribe) talk about their personal journey with moko kauwae (Māori women’s chin tattoo).

2–3pm: Panel discussion with the kuia about the relevance of moko and their hope for its future. Led by Shane Te Ruki.

Thursday 6 Feburary 2014
10.00am– 3.30pm
Te Marae, Level 4
Free entry
55 Cable St
04-381 7000

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