Myths and Legends In My Veins

Myths and Legends in my veins
Pairing up artists to produce works that honour their ancestors is the genesis for curator Reina Sutton’s forthcoming project, Myths and Legends in my veins.

“We are all connected somehow,” Reina says. “There are myths and legends from all corners of the world. One or more of these stories flow through our bloodlines. The purpose of Myths and Legends in my veins is to reveal some of these, and how they connect us with others.”

This Tautai supported exhibition will present adornments that draw on the strength of the artists’ forebears, honouring them – and the myths and legends passed down that shape the artists’ world view. The works will be collaborative and Reina hopes audiences will continue this ‘conversation’.

“Our myths and legends live on through us. Myths and Legends in my veins is about encouraging discussions about who you are, what you know about yourself and your connections with others. It’s about learning and looking towards your ancestors and getting to know them because I feel that, to know your ancestors is to know yourself.”

24 October 2015 – 05 December 2015
10 Averill Street

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