Neighbours Day Aotearoa

(NDA) 28-29 March 2015 is upon us all again

If you are planning to organise Neighbours Day Aotearoa activities you should apply for Neighbours Day Aotearoa Supermarket Vouchers.  A number of enquiries about the Neighbours Day vouchers have been received. 

The process is as follows :

1.  Promote NDA and the voucher incentive system in your area

2.  Send/Email the forms to those that want to register or ask for help

3.  Once forms are returned to me, I will organise to have the vouchers picked up (or I can deliver it to you).

4.  Applicants must sign the forms as proof that they received their vouchers / I will also o-sign to verify the transaction.

5.  I will keep a copy of the form so that information can be entered onto the regional spreadsheet

Contact Antoine [email protected]