Otago University Experience Scholarships 2016  For Tuvalu Learning Centre

Otago University Experience Scholarships 2016

“All three scholarships are to inspire and motivate young people who have a passion for learning and wish to develop their knowledge and skills alongside many other students who share the same interests”.


There are 3 scholarships available:

1) Two “Hands-on at Otago” Pacific scholarships for student in Year 12 or Year 13 in 2016:

– The successful applicants will travel to the university on the 17th – 22nd of January 2016 to experience a week of serious education fun!

– “Hands-on at Otago is a programme intended to give students practical experience in research and university life – the kind of opportunity normally only available to graduates. Hands-on at Otago is open to secondary students with a strong interest in learning, who are motivated to succeed, and with the potential to achieve well”

Closing Date: Friday 18th September, 2015

2) One Otago University Advanced School Sciences Academy Pacific scholarship(OUASSA) for a student in year 13 in 2016 :

– The successful applicant must be a science student and available to attend two science camps:
Summer Camp: 24th – 29th January, 2016
Winter Camp: 10th – 15th July, 2016 (both dates to be confirmed)

“The goal of the science camps is to introduce students to the world of research science through a range of practical projects that will excite, challenge, inspire and to motivate them to excel in their final year’s schooling towards a career in Science”.

Closing Date: 1st October, 2015

These scholarships are fully funded by Otago University, flights, accommodation, meals, programme activities and transport to and from Dunedin airport paid for by Otago Uni, and will be given to 3 students who are connected to the Tuvalu Learning Centre.

If you’re year 12 or year 13 in 2016 and want to be considered for one of these scholarships you will need:

– To be achieving at merit/excellence level
– To be an eager and keen learner/student
– For the OUASSA scholarship, you will to be serious about science
– Connected to Tuvalu Learning Centre
– A letter of support from one of your teachers
– A couple of paragraphs about yourself and how this scholarship will help you to achieve your academic goals.

Dr Mahu Anderson and Marama TPole will select the best candidates/students to attend these awesome academic camps.

We encourage year 12s and year 13s in 2016 to put your name and contact details forward!
Send them to me via Facebook or my email: [email protected]

Please post your questions here, there is no doubt someone else is thinking/wanting to ask the same question as you!