Out of the Box

Hosted by Tempo Dance Festival NZ

No rules, no regulations and no time limits. Live music, tap, rap, body-percussion, contemporary fusion and acrobatics are just some of the aspects that truly takes this show Out of the Box.

Now in its 5th year at Tempo, Out of the Box has become an open platform for cross-genre experimentation, exposing a whole new spectrum of hip-hop possibility.
Originally created to give emerging urban contemporary street and hip-hop artists the opportunity to break away from the confines of competition, this festival favorite promises infectious beats, masterful moves and an unlimited supply of attitude.

“Out of the Box is everything it promises: fresh, energetic dancing that breaks free from the rules”

“Charm and impeccable timing”
-NZ Herald

October 16 – October 18
Friday 16 October 2015, 06:30pm
Sunday 18 October 2015, 08:30pm

305 Queen Street
New Zealand

For more information Click:www.tempo.co.nz