Pacific Achievers  Project

The Pacific Achievers project encourages young Pacific people to look into their own backyard for inspiration and see what’s special about the people in their own community.

76 students from 19 schools went out into their community with a camera to film someone who inspired them. The project led to stories about future doctors, teachers, writers, scientists and other interesting role models.

19 very inspirational short films (about 2-3 minutes long) each of these carries important messages and positive stories.
The two-minute videos are ready to be viewed, cast your vote by watching The video’s Between Thursday 24 October and Sunday 10 November.  The number of views each school’s film receives on Youtube, will be used by a judging panel comprising Pasifika media and education experts to help determine which school has produced the best film. The school who receives the most views for their video goes in to win a video camera.

The best film and the winning school will win $10k of camera equipment used in the project. The most views on You Tube where they are now available will help the school win.

Visit the link below to view the inspirational stories of Pacific achievement in our schools and communities.