Pacific Dance Triple Bill

Pacific Dance New Zealand presents three Pacific choreographic works by Auckland-based Pacific Choreographers – ‘Spiritus Aitu’ by Charlene Tedrow, ‘ Finé Fatale’ by Mario Faumui and ‘Home, Land and Sea’ by Olivia Taouma.

Pacific Dance Triple Bill is a slice of Auckland’s bustling and growing Pacific dance scene. It represents the dynamism and evolution of Pacific dance based on the influences of the islands yet expressed with an urban New Zealand context.

The three choreographers approach the question of what contemporary Pacific dance means to them in surprisingly different ways.

Tedrow explores Polynesian spiritualism and ancient belief through a dance style that is both abstract and metaphorical combining both her Pacific dance roots and contemporary training.

Faumui on the other-hand brings us Polynesian vogue in the form of Finé Fatale. A HOT new dance form bringing you the ‘Past’, the ‘Now’ and the ‘Future’! An establishment of a new era of dance bringing you the “best of both worlds.” Through ‘Home, Land and Sea’ Taouma presents a dance-theatre piece exploring the youth urban Auckland experience.

All three pieces combine to bring you an overall experience that will leave you inspired and lifted.

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19 October 2013
6.30pm –
All ages
Contact: 309 -9771
Q Auckland,
305 Queen Street,
Auckland CBD,