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Request for presenter (PIFNAG) forum in August

I am currently working with the Pacific Islands Food and Nutrition Action Group (PIFNAG) planning an August fono to be held in Auckland at Sorrento in the Park.

We are on the hunt for someone, or some people, to present a workshop on the impact food and diet marketing has on Pacific Communities – below I have the listed the learning outcomes. 

The desire to address this topic came about as PIFNAG are aware that a number of Pacific families are being impacted by the likes of the “shake bars” – but it is of course a topic wider than just the fad diets and pyramid schemes. The workshop is to run for 1.5 hours twice during the day.

It would be ideal to have someone who has experience and knowledge in marketing, and has some knowledge of the Auckland/Pacific food environment. There will also be a lot of knowledge and experience amongst delegates – so someone who can facilitate and extract the knowledge in the room would be good too.

Food and Diet Marketing: the impact on Pacific communities
Presented by:

Learning outcomes:

1.  To identify the current food and diet marketing ploys experienced by Pacific communities.

2.  To discuss the impact of food and diet marketing on purchasing and consumption decisions for Pacific families and communities.

3.  To share tools and practical actions that health practitioners can utilise to counteract the impact of marketing.

4.  To re-emphasise the New Zealand Food and Nutrition Guidelines in conjunction with physical activity to maintain a healthy weight.

Thanks very much, happy to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have – and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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