Pasifika New Migrants Action Group

Invitation to attend the – final meeting

A more detailed agenda will be sent out next week but in brief, the November 19th meeting will include:

An update from MBIE on the implementation of the new priorities for settlement funded activities, announced since the May meeting, and what these mean for the Pasifika New Migrants Action Group.

A full update from ARMS on the workshops rolled out over the past several months for Pasifika migrants, funded by southern Local Boards.

A presentation from ARMS on the ‘Key Messages for Pasifika new migrants’, which our team has compiled with the assistance of many colleagues in other agencies. 

A feedback session from the Action Group on the Information Workshops and Key Messages.

Auckland Pasifika New Migrants Action Group
Thursday 19th November 2015
2pm to 4.30pm
ARMS Regional Centre
532 Mount Albert Rd
Three King

Contact: Vijaya [email protected]