Pasifika Power Up

Pasifika Power Up is a 8 week study challenge preparing and engaging our Pasifika students in education. 

For one night a week for two hours we come together to help our kids in different subjects, give advice on study tips and time management.

It’s an 8 week study drive for parents, families, communities as well as our learners. Eight Power station study hubs have been set up in Auckland and Wellington – and there’s an online option as well.

Power UP for NCEA is a positive and friendly environment where parents, students and families can learn about NCEA. Each week you can expect:
Workshops for parents and community trainers
Examination and study tips
Time management
Expert tutoring on NCEA L2 standards
Assessment preparation (internal and external)
Careers advice
Inspirational success stories
AND ….a light meal to keep your energy levels UP!

Find out more Click: or call 0800 POWER UP to register your family today.