Pollywood – Pasifika Film 2013

Pollywood – Pasifika Film 2013

Now in its 11th year, Pollywood is a short film festival that provides the perfect opportunity for Pasifika people to share their stories from here and abroad.

There are 7 films in total that run just over 75 mins. A perfect mix of drama, comedy, intrigue and human conditioning. Limited to only 3 screenings around Auckland and starting at the Auckland Art Gallery.  Pollywood is about opportunity – An opportunity for the artists to showcase their work and an opportunity for the audience to view truly entertaining Pasifika film.

Director of Pollywood, Craig Fasi says, “The main purpose of Pollywood is to provide a platform for our Pasifika people to tell and share their stories from their own perspectives within communities both here and abroad.

The Films:
Snow in Paradise, 2011
The idyllic life of a young Polynesian girl and her small community on a picturesque island is threatened by a nuclear testing facility just beyond the ocean reef. In one moment her world will change forever.

Mou Piri: A Rarotongan Love Song, 2013
This short documentary traces the story of the tune that has become synonymous with Rarotonga and romance. ‘Mou Piri’ is the quintessential Rarotongan wedding song and has been performed from Auckland to London, thanks to home videos on YouTube.

Galu Afi: Waves of Fire, 2012
Contemporary artist Shigeyuki Kihara showcases a silent performance video that explores the ancient Samoan dance form of taualuga as choreography, with Kihara dressed as a demure Samoan woman in Victorian mourning dress. This choreography describes the movement of the tsunami in September 2009 which affected American Samoa, Samoa and Tonga.

A Porkbun for Charlotte, 2013
Boy loves girl. Girl wants a pork bun. Boy only has dirt in his pocket. The Man gets involved. In his quest to give his girl the pork bun of her dreams, comedy follows…

About the Keiki, 2010
Todd Cambria, a timid programme coordinator at the Halewai Boys and Girls Club, never stands up to anyone and gets no respect, not from his boss and definitely not from the kids. But when the city decides to cut funding and shut the club down, Todd is forced to decide whether the step aside or stand up to his boss.

Broken Silence, 2013
The 48 hour film festival Peter Jackson Wildcard pick, the team from ‘Goodfellas’ have produced this chilling film which has all the makings of an emotionally intense thriller.

Toms Dairy, 2013
The day Bob Marley died, Johnny lost his Defender. It’s 1981 in Te Atatu, Auckland and a young Samoan boy named Johnny is given a grocery list by his mother. Attached to this list, is a note asking for credit from the fruit shop owner. However, Johnny is ashamed to hand over the note because he has a crush on the owner’s daughter…

Thursday 28th November 2013,
Mangere Arts Centre
Corner of Bader Drive & Orly Avenue
Phone:09-262 5789

Adult $10.00,
Child $5.00 (under 10 years of age)

Further information:
Craig Fasi
021 025 55211
[email protected]