Save the Date For Miss Niue Aotearoa 2018

Application for Miss Niue Aotearoa 2018 is Open and will be Closed 25th of August 2018
Miss Niue Aotearoa Pageant Date – 3rd of November 2018
To qualify to enter Miss Niue Aotearoa
• She must be Niuean or of Niuean Descent
• She must be between the ages of 17 and 25 years Old
• She must be Unmarried and has not had a child
• Has not committed any offence or act that may be inconsistent with accepted standards of good public behaviour
* Has not entered any Pageant holding a title of Niue National or International. Official or Unofficial i.e. Miss Niue
If you meet the criteria; the following is required.
• Copy of Birth Certificate/Passport/Driver’s License
• Photograph /Headshot
• Registration fee of $100
You may contact us on the following email for a registration form
[email protected] or on our fb pages
Fakaaue Lahi and we look forward to meeting you SOON

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