Noah McFarlane is a successful young TV music host. He’s also afakasi (half-caste). After a ten-year silence,he goes to see his dying father, Man’ua. During his visit,he sees a photograph of his half-brother and sister, whom he always knew existed but has never met. Ignoring the advice of his mother and grandmother, he delves into his unexplored Samoan heritage withexplosive and emotionally-gripping consequences.

Sons is written by Victor Rodger who is an award-winning playwrightand screenwriter whose works, including Sons,Ranterstantrum, My Name is Gary Cooper and BlackFaggot, have changed the face of Pasifika theatre.

In this, his semi-autobiographical first play, he exploresa volatile, fractured extended family that includes Samoan and New Zealand-born Samoans, palagiand afakasi, and a variety of family “legitimacies”.

Referencing Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey intoNight, Sons is a play of old sorrow, written in tears and blood. Once the emotional screws are turned up, it grips an audience and never lets go.

16 – 18 October 2014
20 – 24 October 2014
Mangere Arts Center
Corner Bader Drive and Orly Avenue
Phone:09-262 5789

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