Stallholders opportunity ,Building Star Communities EXPO 2016

Auckland communities are calling for organisations for help. This unique expo will attract people from all corners of Auckland and beyond who are wanting to cultivate new relationships and explore opportunities to build ‘star’ communities for long term stability and support.

Building Star Communities EXPO aims to:
§ Raise awareness and increase access to more health and wellness services
§ Place the community in the “STAR” position
§ Encourage responsive and innovative services
§ Cultivate new networks and build partnerships
§ Energise attitudes and add value to services
§ Provide a place and a space for families to have fun and relax

This is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a fun day. Your organisation can participate in face to face conversations with like minded people, and people who need what it is you have to offer!

It is your opportunity for you to increase your public profile, reach out and engage with even more people.

What’s in it for you as an exhibitor?
1.  Active Market Research – create a survey to gain valuable knowledge for your organisation.
2.  Meet potential customers and clients
3.  Increase community social knowledge and social wealth
4.  Demonstrate products, talk services and option Teach, Instruct, Inspire (ask about a facilitator spot in the seminar room or PET ‘s schedule)

Stallholder Opportunity* Building Star Communities May 2016 Contact Sue [email protected]