Stones in her mouth

The NZ Festival is happening right now in Wellington until Sunday 16 March. There’s lots of events to check out including Stones in her mouth by internationally recognised choreographer Lemi Ponifasio, founder and director of MAU.

Lemi Ponifasio’s uncompromising vision has made him one of New Zealand’s most recognised artists. His theatre company MAU creates sublimely forceful works that resonate with vivid images and the dynamic interplay of darkness and light. Both dance and visual art on a monumental scale, Ponifasio’s work speaks on themes of power and the voices of those not often heard.

This courageous new work introduces a ten-member ensemble of Māori women who issue a powerful challenge through oratory, choral-work and dance. Drawing on the tradition of Māori women as writers of poetry and chant, and taking its title from a book of poems by Roma Potiki, Stones In Her Mouth turns a mirror to the massive social and political turmoil of our times.

Co-produced by December Dance 2013, Bruges; Carriageworks, Sydney; Tjibaou Cultural Centre, Noumea. 

Special thanks to Roma Potiki for Stones in Her Mouth: Poems

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