Sunset Road

Akarongo mai…

Summer, 1975. Rotorua, New Zealand. 

Jimi Hendrix, motorbikes, ika mata and the dawn raids.
It’s two days before twins Luka and Lucia finally cross in to adulthood. Free, they roam the steam filled streets of Rotorua on Luka’s trusty Bonneville and dream of taking on the world. Luka desperate to escape, Lucia to become Miss Geyserland.

The twins work with their devout father at the local sawmill, uninspiring to them, for him where he has been since he first brought his family to this dry and broken land.  A near death experience drags father back to memories of Atiu, Cook Islands and the secrets and mistakes of his past, shaking the family’s foundations and ultimate love of each other. 

A coming of age. Sunset Road.
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Brought to you by Writer/ Director Mira George, Set Design Jaime Warda & Wai Mihinui, Sound, Design Karnan Saab, Lighting, Design, U’ll Breese, Producer, Hone Kouka, Cast, Nathan Madge, Aroha White, Taungaroa Emile.

Produced by: Tawata Productions

19 -23 August 2014
7:30pm Venue: Loft Ticket price:$20-$30 (service fees apply) .
305 Queen St,
09-309 9771

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