The Village Collective have heard the many voices of our young Pacific people. Often portrayed negatively in the media, our young people are, in reality, very far from that perception. Talanoa – full disclosure without concealment, is one way we believe the Pacific community can respond and create spaces that are supportive and uplift our young people to be confident and make great decisions. Talanoa is common to many of the Pacific Islands and encourages open debate.

We present 5 monologues that reflect the current challenges our young people are confronted with and this ultimately challenges the audience to reflect about their own role in supporting Talanoa in their own networks. The team at Village Collective warmly invite you to attend and gain some insight into our young people but more importantly reflect your role in shaping Talanoa in our communities.

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Friday 13 June and Saturday 14 June 2014
Gold coin entry
Māngere Arts Centre
63 Orly Avenue
Phone 09 262 5789

Email:[email protected]