“Tama’ita’i Pasifika Mao’i” By Tanu Gago

Tanu Gago’s Annual Commission Exhibition ” Tama’ita’i Pasifika Mao’i” as well as a detail from one of the 3 new photographs (Hilda Gago from Tama’ita’i Pasifika Mao’i).

The Auckland Festival of Photography 2014 features the fourth Annual Commission, this year presented by Sacred Hill. Each year, an Auckland-based photographer is commissioned to create a new body of work for exhibition during the Festival. The commission provides an opportunity to support and promote an Auckland photographer as well as create a cultural and artistic asset for present and future Auckland audiences to enjoy. This year’s commissioned artist is Tanu Gago.

Tanu Gago’s holds a Bachelors degree in Performing and Screen Arts and his practice as a photographer, heavily informed by traditional film making processes, began in 2010. In his photographs, Tanu likes to utilize many of films collaborative aspects to design and articulate his own visual vocabulary. The result is a marriage of narrative structure and commercial aesthetics, delivered within a conceptual framework that looks at his own world and the people that inhabit it. As an Image-maker, Tanu engages directly with the urban social issues related to the modern re- presentation of Pacific representation. He is inter- ested in exploring Pacific identities, experience and space and what these elements may look like and potentially mean to NZ and the rest of the world.

Silo 6, Silo Park 29 May – 17 June 2014

Opens 6:00pm on Tuesday 3 June 2014
Hours Daily 1030am – 430pm
Where Silo Park Wynyard Quarter Auckland

09 3077055
Artists Tanu Gago
Theme Annual Commission
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