Tau Tupua: The Spirits. By Robert George, Vela Manusaute and Toa Tahi Taihia.

As Part Auckland Art Week and Supported by Tautai

In 1915, 149 young Niuean men were recruited into the Maori Contingent to serve in the First World War. This little known history was the starting point for Tau Tupua: The Spirits.

Over a period of six months the three artists conducted interviews and research around the history of Niuean soldiers. Each artist has conveyed their findings through different mediums.

Reproductions of handwritten journals, songs that were rediscovered from this time of war will be written in Niuean and translated into English. Stills from video and reproductions of documentation of Toa Tahi’s ‘spades’ will hang from the wire on the slate walls. For Late Night Art a reading of The Pioneer Battalion and performance of the songs rediscovered will be performed by the Niuean choir. This performance will occur on the ground floor platform.

10 — 19 OCTOBER
12 Queen Street
City Centre

Image source:
Robert George and Toa Tahi Taihia