The SaVAge K’lub Inaugural High Tea

The SaVAge K’lub Inaugural High Tea
The SaVAge K’lub invites you to indulge in an afternoon of conviviality featuring a variety of artful and literary entertainments. Exotic tea will be brewed, sumptuous treats will be available for your consumption and be sure to bring your own regalia.

Founded in 2010 by Rosanna Raymond The SaVAge K’lub presents 21st Century South Sea SaVAgery, influencing art and culture through the interfacing of time and space, deploying weavers of words, rare anecdotalists, myth makers, hip shakers, navigators, red faces, fabricators, activators, installators to institute the non cannibalistic cognitive consumption of the other.

This event is presented by Tautai and Artweek. Fiercely supported by The Green Dolphin bookstore and The K Road Business Association.

The SaVAge K’lub

17 October 2015

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