KIRI is a compelling and beautifully crafted duet between a dancer, Louise Poutiki Bryant and a clay artist, Paerau Corneal bringing to life the creation of Hine-ahu-one, in an extraordinary performance, with spell-binding video and a hypnotic sound score from Paddy Free.

KIRI is a conversation between a dancer and a clay artist redefining our mutual knowledge of skin/clay, movement/form and relational concepts of geology/whakapapa, cultural/ contemporary, the sacred and mundane.
KIRI’s focus is on the integrity of clay in a pre-ceramic state and validity as a non-ceramic art form through dance, video and sculpture; to contest the notion of permanency in clay/ceramic practice.

The performance tells the story of clay from its geological formation and whakapapa through to contemporary overlaps between dance and clay. Clay is activated in contact with the dancer’s skin and in turn animates the dancer.

KIRI means ‘skin’ and the work explores clay as a living medium, and also acknowledges Hine-ahu-one (the first woman made from earth).

Tuesday 07 October 2014
07:30pm – 08:30pm
Price:$20 – $30*
Q Theatre, Loft
305 Queens Street

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