Tuna And Fata

A two day school holiday performance workshop for children aged 5-16years and registration is essential (maximum number of participants is 60).

The participants will be taught the story of Tuna and Fata through performance. By the end of this two day workshop the kids will present a 3-4 minute dance piece.

The theme of school holiday programme is bullying. kids will go home knowing that they can stand up to bullies and that not everything has to end in violence.

Legend – Tuna and Fata (two day performance workshop).

After a War between the two Island nations, Tonga ruled Samoa for 300 years.

One day the Tongan King planned a peacful visit to Samoa but the Samoan people had other plans and plotted to overthrow him and to drive all Tongans from the island.

The story focusses on the battle between two brothers, Tuna and Fata, to decide who will then be King of all Samoa. But there is another…

January 17 – January 18
10 AM to Jan 18 at 3 PM
Otara Shopping Centre
46 Fair Mall
New Zealand 2023