Youth Arts Space Summer CreativeLab

The Youth Arts Space Summer CreativeLab is on in December (7th – 11th) and offers senior high school students and youth our of school the opportunity to take part in a fun, creative space taking part in dance, performance art, music and t-shirt printing. We’re looking for young creatives with a passion for the arts and who may be interested in following through on a career in the arts.

The workshop offers participants the opportunity to see what it’s like to work within this space. There is also a Summer programme running in January, which they can find out about.

The workshop will introduce youth to artists working in the industry and develop ideas around inter-disciplinary creativity. It is on:

Monday 7th December – Friday 11th December (being a careers and a showing day)
930am – 4pm
M.I.T.’s Faculty of Creative Arts
50 Lovegrove Crescent

Register by emailing [email protected]

For more Information about this workshop CLICK:youthartspace

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